Health Professions: Premed & Prehealth

The School of Science at SMC is an excellent environment in which to prepare for health professions including medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, and optometry. The academic rigor and faculty attention with which students are met lead to outstanding student preparation for the intensity of study found in graduate school. 

The goal of the Health Professions program is to support our students in pursuing advanced degrees in fields of medicine, science and research. Saint Mary's is an ideal environment in which to navigate the challengeing path to graduate school in the sciences due to the demanding course work that allows students to go beyond memorization to integrate and appply course material in the laboratory, across subjects, and in the clincal environment.

The overarching applicaiton requirements of attending graduate schools in the health professions include:

  1. A strong GPA (≥3.4 recommended) in prerequisite coursework
  2. An array of clinical experience
  3. Community engagement
  4. Graduate exam

Beyond these, some important factors that lead to success among our applicants include:

  • In depth exposure to mulltiple medical environments in a variety of capacities including shadowing, volunteering, and paid positions
  • Research experience and the ability to articulate scientific concepts and laboratory techniques
  • A demonstrated passion for scientific principles, compassion in care for others, and a commitment to working as a team
  • A clear understanding of several problems and/or social justice issues in the medical field and methods of addressing them
  • Exemplary written, spoken and inter-personal communication, among other core competencies
  • A well-research path that includes attending graduate school informational sessions and pursuring institutional connections in the form of mentorship, shadowing, and research 
  • Establishing a relationship with at least three SMC faculty members that can write a comprehensive letter of evluation
  • Taking 1-2 gap years ensure a highly competitive application with sufficient clincial exposure

Hard work betrays none at SMC. With these tools, students find success in many health professions. Learn more about some of our outstanding alumni here. Our department advisors, health professions advisor, and the career center advisors are committed to supporting all students in their career pursuits and assisting them in achieving their goals in a resource-rich environment.