Clinical & Internship Opportunities

Health Science students are highly encouraged to volunteer, shadow, and/or get paid experience in their areas of interest. Clinical work is often an application requirement and it also allows studnets to be immersed in their future work environment to make a fully informed decision about their path, gain valuable exposure to the realities of medicine, and to connect with career professionals.

Shadowing Opportunities

  • For a list of professionsals in the area that can provide shadowing opportunities, check out our Prehealth Alumni Contacts Database in the Health Science Major Folder

Physical Therapy: Observation Hours

Check here to compare prereqs by school including observation hours

Outpatient Internships

Inpatient Internships

Online Observation Hours

Occupational Therapy

Physician Assistant/Nursing/Pre-med: Paid Medical Experience

Nursing/Pre-med: Clinical Volunteer Opportunities

On Campus Health-related Volunteer Positions

Paid Health Positions- apply in Nov for summer positions

  • Handshake provides job listing to SMC students and alum.
  • Health Career Connection- to find resources on health careers and apply for a summer internship in the Bay Area; Apply in November
  • Explore Health Careers is a comprehensive website that includes news, career information, paid internship opportunities, profiles of various professionals and more. 
  • Pathways to Science is a clearing house of summer programs, internships, graduate programs and tips for making the best out of your STEM experience.

Programs for Minority Students

Health Programs – Summer Programs