Career Exploration & Graduate Planning

A successsful graduate path begins with careful planning and an organized step-wise approach to ensure that all application requirements are met. This includes course planning, gaining clinical exposure, research programs, and planning your application timeline.

    Which career is right for me?

    Graduate School Planning

    • Research graduate/training programs for those occupations in the by looking up programs using US News and World Report Graduate School Rankings
    • Visit Career Services for assistance in perfecting your resume and seeking internships.
    • Look up job opportunities on Handshake and meet with your advisor to connect with SMC alum to gain relevant experience.
    • Sign up for Linked in and connect with LinkedIn SMC for potential internship and shadowing opportunities.
    • Conduct an internship or volunteer to gain experience and exposure to the work environment relating to you career path (see below).
    • Attend info sesisons at schools of interest to connect with current students, faculty, and opportunities

    Graduate School Resources


    Occupational Therapy



    Physical Therapy

    Physician Assistant

    Public Health

    Speech Path/Audiology