General Information

As an urgent care facilty we strive to provide high quality, cost-effective and client oriented preventative and treatment wellness services.  


Medical records are confidential and are protected by law. Therefore, information in a student's medical records, absent an order of the court (subpoena or warrant), may not be disclosed, discussed or copied without the student's written consent, except in the case of public health matters where certain reports of contagion may be required by public health authorities. If medical information is requested by either a private physician or by the Health & Wellness Center, this must be in writing with an enclosed release of information form signed by the student.


All full time undergraduate students residing on and off campus are eligible to use the Health & Wellness Center, no matter what insurance a student may have. Saint Mary's College faculty, staff, and graduate students are not eligible to use the Health Center except in the case of emergencies-- and we also offer flu shots for a charge to faculty and staff.  The nurses will see faculty and staff for blood pressure checks when time allows.

Medical Excuses

Absence from class for illness or injury is a matter between the student and professor. The Health & Wellness Center does not issue excuses from class but will verify illness or other injury treated at the Health Center. For your protection, if you are ill at home and under the care of a private physician, it would be advisable for you to obtain a note regarding your illness from him/her

Community Resources

The Center maintains a comprehensive list of medical consultants from the local community.  The list includes referrals for dermatology, orthopedics, surgery, gynecology, and ophthalmology. Also included on this list are referrals for practitioners such as chiropractic medicine, nutritionists, eating disorder specialists, dentists, and local health department listing for traveler’s health and STD testing.