Health Education

Health is a vital part of learning.  Our goal is to promote and sustain a culture of wellness for our community.

The Health Education staff help to connect students with information and resources, cultivating healthy attitudes and behaviors, and fostering a culture that values and supports a healthy community. In order to achieve our goals, we act as a resource to the Saint Mary's College community by providing: educational material, campus-wide presentations/lectures, interactive programming, and information for on and off campus resources. 

The department of Health Promotion and Education empowers students to achieve wellness through: 

  • Promoting healthy, active and balanced lifestyles that address the seven dimensions of wellness.
  • Encouraging development through deepened self awareness and daily self reflection.
  • Providing preventive programs that allow students to engage in conversations that impact their lifelong well being.
  • Educating students to make informed health decisions.

Programs developed by our Peer Health Educators are tailored to include specific learning outcomes that provide participants the opportunity to be involved in conversations that encourage them to incoporate healthy habits into their daily lives. 

Keep a look out for our programs on campus!