Health Insurance

2020-2021 Health Insurance Information

Student Health Insurance Requirement

To ensure that all students have health insurance coverage, including basic sickness and accident insurance, the College has instituted a mandatory health insurance requirement for all full-time undergraduate students. Students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the College’s provided plan through Anthem Blue Cross.

**The waiver will open on December 3, 2020 for spring start students ONLY. If you started classes in Fall 2020 and already waived, you do not need to waive again. If you did not waive, you will be unable to waive for spring 2021, since the waiver is annual.**

Every year, if you have comparable coverage, you must file a waiver with Saint Mary's College. This year, we have partnered with JCB Insurance Solutions (coverage is still provided by Anthem Blue Cross).  Please waive by going to Enter "Saint Mary's College of California" as your school and choose Plan Year 2020-2021.  The first time you log in you will have to create an account with your email, SMC ID number, and date of birth.   Once you have completed the waiver and receive confirmation, Saint Mary's will credit your account for the premium. This will occur in 5 business days. The waiver must be completed on or before February 16, 2021. If you waive prior to receiving your opening eBill, you will not see the charge on your bill at all! If you waive after you receive your opening eBill, the charge will be reversed up until February 16, 2021. No waivers will be accepted after February 16, 2021. Students must meet certain criteria in order to waive the SMC insurance.

For questions regarding your waiver, please call (925) 377-6225 or email

PLEASE NOTE: The waiver opportunity will shut down on February 16, 2021. If you have NOT completed the waiver by February 16, 2021, you will be insured for the FULL spring semester with no other chance to waive. Once a student is enrolled, there are NO premium refunds. The cost of the annual medical insurance policy for 2020-2021 is $3,597 ($1,798.50 each term).  The entire amount of $1,798.50 will be billed to your student account. A charge of $1,798.50 will be on your spring bill. No refunds will be made after the closure of the waiver process. If you withdraw OR file a leave of absence after the add/drop deadline or if you cease attending classes without having waived the insurance by the deadline, the insurance coverage will continue to the end of the semester regardless of whether you are enrolled in classes. You will be liable for the medical insurance fee.

ATTENTION: International students and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad will NOT be able to waive the school insurance. Mandatory enrollment is required if your permanent address is abroad. Graduate and professional students are NOT eligible for the insurance plan unless they are international students. All international students (graduate and/or undergraduate) and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad are REQUIRED to enroll in the College sponsored plan and should visit the Center for International Programs for additional information at (925) 631-4245.

For more information about SMC-SHIP and the waiver process, please read the attachments found below. Also, here is a video presentation that also provides detailed information about the SMC-SHIP for 2020-2021.