Health Insurance

2021-2022 Health Insurance Information

Student Health Insurance Requirement

To ensure that all students have health insurance coverage, including basic sickness and accident insurance, the College has instituted a mandatory health insurance requirement for all full-time undergraduate students.**Please note that all students are automatically enrolled in the Saint Mary's College Student Health Insurance Plan (SMC-SHIP) and you must waive every academic year if you already have health insurance that meets the College requirements. If you do not waive by the deadline, you will be responsible for the annual cost of the health insurance.** 

Here is information on waiving the insurance for 2021-2022. Please note that the waiver for spring start students is now available (starting December 1, 2021). The waiver is for spring start students only, students who started classes this fall can no longer waive since the fall deadline has passed. 

  • You can waive SMC-SHIP by visiting JCB Insurance Solutions.
  • The deadline to waive is February 15, 2022.
  • If you are planning to waive the SMC-SHIP, you must waive by the deadline or you will be billed for the cost of the insurance. If you have questions about waiver requirements, or any questions regarding your waiver, please call (925) 377-6225 or email  

You will be unable to waive the health insurance after the deadline. If your waiver is not submitted and approved by the 2/15/22 deadline you will be enrolled in SMC-SHIP for the spring semester (2/1/22-7/31/22) and will be responsible for all fees.

ATTENTION: International students and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad will NOT be able to waive the school insurance. Mandatory enrollment is required if your permanent address is abroad. Graduate and professional students are NOT eligible for the insurance plan unless they are international students. All international students (graduate and/or undergraduate) and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad are REQUIRED to enroll in the College sponsored plan and should visit the Center for International Programs for additional information at (925) 631-4245.

For information about SMC-SHIP, see the links below. You can also visit the Saint Mary's College of California Anthem Blue Cross website that provides additional details about the plan.