Insurance Waiver

**The waiver is now open for students starting in spring 2020 only.**If you started classes in fall 2019 and already completed the waiver, you do not need to complete the waiver again for the current 2019-2020 academic year.

All full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the Saint Mary's College Student Health Insurance Plan (SMC-SHIP) every year. Full-time undergraduate students who have health insurance that meets the requirements below can waive out of the SMC-SHIP.  For all incoming spring 2020 students who chose to waive, you must complete the waiver by the waiver deadline of February 15, 2020.  *Please note that the waiver is for incoming spring 2020 students only. Students are automatially enrolled in SMC-SHIP each year and must complete the waiver annually if they have qualifying health insurance. *International students or students with a permanent address abroad are not eligible to waive or opt-out.

The requirements below must be met to waive SMC-SHIP. As you are completing the waiver, please be sure to read each question carefully and answer thoroughly .  Please contact the Health and Wellness Center if you have any questions. 


1. Were you enrolled at Saint Mary's College of California for the fall semester?

2. Is your primary residence in the United States?  

3. Is your plan provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States with a U.S. claims payment office and a U.S telephone number?  

4. If you are enrolled in an employer-sponsored group health plan or individual plan, including plans purchased through Covered California, does it meet the following criteria?

i) Preventive health care services, including an annual physical exam, preventative, immunizations and laboratory/diagnostic tests to help determine your state of health ii) Chronic disease management for such conditions as asthma, diabetes or other chronic  medical conditions
ii) Hospital stays for medical and surgical care
iii) Hospital stays for mental health and alcohol/drug abuse conditions, covered the same as any other medical condition v) Doctor Office visits for medical, mental health, and alcohol/drug abuse conditions
vi) Emergency Room services 
vii) Diagnostic services including laboratory tests 
viii) Medications prescribed by a doctor (including contraceptives)
ix) Pre-natal and maternity care, with no pre-existing condition limitation
x) Pediatric services, including oral and vision care

5.  If you are covered by an HMO, is your HMO for primary care within the Bay Area (30 mile radius of campus)? 

6.  Does your plan provide unrestricted access to an in-network hospital and doctors providing full, non-emergency, medical and behavioral health care within 30 miles of campus or the student's place of residence while attending school? 

7.  Is your plan currently active and do you agree to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the entire academic year?  

8.  Will you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for payment of all fees for medical and mental health treatment not covered by your health insurance plan (including but not limited to deductible, co-pays, coinsurance and expenses above your policy maximums and benefit limits)?  


To complete your application, you will need: 

  • Name of your insurance company
  • Your policy number/member number
  • Your company's customer service phone Number (back of your ID card)

Online Insurance Waiver Application