Help Save Cal Grant

Nearly 25 percent of all Saint Mary's students rely on Cal Grant funding to make their education affordable. Write your elected officials today to ensure the College continues to fulfill its mission of educating these bright students.

You can help stop the cut. Legislators and the Governor need to hear from those most affected by this proposal – students, their families, and campus communities. 

Personal letters to the Governor and legislators are the best way to contact them. Write letters that begin with the "ask" (e.g., “I’m writing to urge your support of the Cal Grant program for students and families. . ..”). Share how you or someone you know has benefited from Cal Grant at an independent college or university. Share how the Cal Grant award is the basis of a strong partnership between the state and independent nonprofits colleges that works for California. The facts are clear: Cal Grant students at independent nonprofit colleges stay in school, graduate on time, and join the workforce sooner.

Sample Letter

Dear ___________,

I am writing to urge your support of the Cal Grant for students and families at nonprofit independent colleges and universities.

For decades, the Cal Grant award has gone to academically qualified and deserving students around the state, allowing them to attend one of California’s many independent nonprofit schools that collectively invest nearly $1.4 billion of their own institutional financial aid to make college a reality for California students! These schools not only produce great students but also provide vital research, resources, and advocacy for the communities in which they exist. This is an incredible public/private partnership and it eases the capacity crunch at California’s public colleges and universities. Cal Grant students attending independent colleges and universities stay in college and graduate faster, joining the workforce sooner.

I support maintaining the maximum Cal Grant award of $9,708. Keep the State’s promise of the Cal Grant award and a college education for deserving students!

Thank you for saving Cal Grants.

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