Louis LeFevre Scholarship for History Majors

The History Departments offers the Louis LeFevre Scholarship for History Majors to an outstanding high school senior who wants to become a History major and demonstrates a love and aptitude for the discipline.  The scholarship consists of $13,000 per year for four years, as long as the student becomes a History major.  This scholarship is named in memory of Professor Louis LeFevre, an alumnus, contributor to the campus arts scene, and one of the founding professors of the history department.

The Rule Book, by Jean Baptiste DeLaSalle

The criteria for the Louis LeFevre scholarship is as follows:

 I. Application

 II. Letters of recommendation

 III. Expectations of scholarship winner

A high school senior interested in applying for the Louis LeFevre Scholaship should submit an application which includes the following:

 1. Name of applicant

 2. Birth date of applicant

 3. Name of high school

 4. Address of high school

 5. List of history classes taken in high school, with titles of texts read in class

 6.  One 500-word essay answering the question:  Why do you want to study history?

 7.  One 250-word essay describing leadership experience and ability

 8.  Two letters of recommendation from teachers.  At least one of them must be from a history teacher.  Deadline for recommendations is January 15.

The students selected will be expected to collaborate with faculty and students in facilitating participating and leadership in History Club activities and events.  In addition, the scholars chosen must maintain a minimal departmental GPA of 3.0 to keep the scholarship over the course of four years at Saint Mary's College.

Deadline for applications for the class entering in the Fall is January 15.  Please send applications and recommendations to the Admissions Office.  Finalists may be interviewed on campus on February 25 during our Scholarship Saturday program. The Financial Aid Office will notify students if they are recipients of the LeFevre Scholarship.