Our Mission


We believe that learning is a lifelong odyssey.  We seek greater knowledge of the world and the people around us, a deeper understanding of our own beliefs and an informed respect for the beliefs of others.  We seek an opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of others, to foster a humble love for our fellows, to embrace the unique qualities of each member of our community, and nurture a greater appreciation for diversity.  It is, therefore, our responsibility to assume goodness, dignity and the highest potential of all persons.  These aspirations require collaborative and individual growth and honest efforts to extend to the conversation outside the classroom. 

We believe in academic integrity, that the struggle to learn prepares us to use our new knowledge wisely and generously.  We believe that curiosity is a key to growth, and must be consciously nurtured if it is to lead to an enduring personal commitment to discovery.  We believe that any great accomplishment must come at the cost of great effort, and we recognize that achievements are more meaningful when shared with a community built upon faith and zeal.

Mission Statement developed by the Founding Class of 2011