Huffington Post Features Graduate Commencement Speaker's Address About Power of Failure

The Huffington Post features the commencement address given by Jim Fruchterman, a MacAthur genius award recipient, rocket scientist and CEO of Benetch (which produces reading adaptive technology for the blind) to Saint Mary's 2012 class of Graduate and Professional Program students. Fruchterman spoke to more than 300 SMC graduate students about the power of failure, and encouraged them to not only acknowledge their well-earned successes, but to also recognize the important  lessons learned in having plans that go awry.  SMC's graduate commencement speaker pointed to his own misteps, such as dealing with an exploding rocket as a rocket scientist and, through a process of risk taking and overcoming setbacks, discovering rewarding opportunities, and an un-expected life affirming committment, in providing access to sight impaired individuals through the creation of his adaptive technology company Benetech.  Read the Huff-Po's article "The Power of Failure, People and Karma Banking."

Date of Mention: 
Tuesday, May 29, 2012