Section 4: Recruitment and Employment

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Authority: Associate Director of Recruitment and HR Consultation

4.1  Hiring for Mission

4.2  Recruitment

4.3  Job Posting Process

4.4  Candidate Review

4.5  Offer Process

4.6  Closing Out the Recruitment

4.7  Ways to Promote Your Opening Beyond the Job Posting

4.8  Checklist for Hiring Managers

4.9  Promotions and Transfers

Recruitment is one of the most important collaborative efforts that link Human Resources and the College community. For this reason the Human Resources staff will make every effort to provide guidance, support, tools and resources that will help VP’s, department heads, search committees and hiring supervisors recruit and hire the best qualified employees. In support of the College’s policy of equal employment opportunity, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) or their designee is responsible for reviewing and approving all proposed staff personnel changes (appointments, contracts, promotions or terminations), informing department heads of the College’s Non-Discrimination Policy and enforcing that policy. Saint Mary’s is an equal opportunity employer, and does not tolerate any type of unlawful discrimination. Saint Mary’s makes employment decisions on the basis of merit and seeks the most appropriate person for every job, taking into account an applicant’s qualifications for the position relative to other candidates, and an indication of willingness to support the traditions of the College, including its Catholic identity.

College policy prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, gender stereotyping, gender identity, taking a protected leave (e.g. family medical or pregnancy leave), or on any other basis protected by applicable laws. (Also see Section 1.4 Equal Employment Opportunity.)

Except as described below, the Chief Human Resources Officer or their designee is responsible for ensuring that all job openings are announced in such a way that interested individuals have an equal opportunity to apply and be considered for vacant positions.

The goal of the job posting policy is to ensure that all staff members are made aware of and have the opportunity to apply for open positions concurrent with the College’s consideration of external candidates for employment.

While it is the College’s philosophy to promote from within whenever possible, there are conditions that could cause a position to be filled without posting, or to post the position while simultaneously recruiting from the outside. The conditions that could cause a decision to bypass posting, or to post the position while simultaneously recruiting from the outside, include, but are not limited to: organizational restructuring; position requirements that include skills, education, and/or experience that are not known to match any existing employee; critical operational needs; etc. In addition to these conditions, managers may request an exception when they have employees within the same department or division who are qualified and/or already trained for the position. The decision to fill the position without posting requires the joint approval of the Chief Human Resources and Department Vice President. In general, internal and external posting is done simultaneously. For internal postings only, a minimum of five business days are required before selecting a candidate. (Also see Section 4.3.2 Job Posting for more detail.)

4.1 Hiring for Mission

Hiring for Mission at Saint Mary’s College means hiring diverse faculty and staff who will commit to deepening their understanding of its liberal arts, Catholic, and Lasallian heritage and will contribute to its Mission. Included in that diversity are faculty and staff who especially identify with the Catholic and Lasallian identity of the College.

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4.2 Recruitment

Human Resources works collaboratively with Hiring Managers (the supervisor of the vacant position) to recruit the best qualified candidates. Human Resources is responsible for: partnering with the Hiring Manager to develop the job description and job posting, securing advertising, screening, recruitment support and assisting in travel arrangements, if needed. With support from HR, the Hiring Manager conducts a search that increases the potential for attracting highly qualified candidates from which to select the best qualified candidate who will support the College’s mission in achieving the educational benefits of a diverse employee community.

The recruitment process begins when a need for a new position is identified or a vacancy occurs.

4.2.1 Identifying a Position

Managers should create a Position Source Document (PSD) (See Human Resources website under Compensation for instructions on creating one) when there is a new position and they should review any existing PSD to ensure the position is still the same if it is a replacement position. The Director of Faculty and Staff Recruitment & Human Resources Consultation works collaboratively with the Hiring Manager to describe the position in the most effective manner.

4.2.2 Job Evaluation and Budget Approval

If the position is new or has changed substantially, it is also evaluated to determine the correct salary grade (see section titled Job Evaluation). Based on the outcome of the job evaluation process and an assessment of similar jobs across campus, Human Resources determines the salary grade. The Assistant Vice President for Finance/Controller then confirms the salary dollars available for the position. If there are insufficient salary dollars, additional salary funding must be sought. Once the PSD is evaluated to confirm a correct grade for the position and budget approval is secured, the recruitment process can begin.

4.2.3 Developing a Recruitment Plan

The Faculty Compensation Manager and Human Resources Recruitment Analyst can assist in developing a comprehensive recruitment and selection plan to secure a successful hire. Areas of support include; advertising, identifying candidates through networking and referrals, social media, database mining, prescreening, interviewing, selection, and the offer process.

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4.3 Job Posting Process

4.3.1 Creating a Job Requisition


Requisition  – The “Requisition” is an approved online form authorizing the recruitment of regular full-time and part-time staff and temporary employees. The process to open a Requisition starts with completing the web form called Request to Fill Vacant Staff Position. All requisitions require appropriate approvals e.g. Director/Dean, VP or Provost, Controller, and VP of Finance.

Replacement Requisition – Indicates a position that has been vacated by the transfer or termination of a current, regular employee. These requisitions are opened for the same or comparable position as the employee who vacated the position to include salary structure. This process also begins with completing the Request to Fill Vacant Staff Position web form

Add to Headcount Requisitions – Indicates a new position is being created and that there is not a current, regular employee in the position. Before completing the Request to Fill Vacant Staff Position web form we advise you speak with the Controller regarding budget considerations. 

Temporary Requisitions – Indicates that a temporary staff person is needed for a definite period of time. Temporary requisitions are not used for temporary agency hires. Temporary requests start by completing the Request to Fill Vacant Staff Position web form . 

4.3.2 Job Requisition

Job requisitions are created in the College online recruitment system. Information that is required includes the job title; Department; Chair, Program Director, or Hiring Supervisor Name; whether it is a new position and if not; the incumbent’s name; last day worked; if this is a full/or part-time role; budget code that the cost (salary) of the position should be charged to; whether this is a internal posting only; a complete job description, which includes: a concise summary of principal duties responsibilities and requirements of the job, and minimum qualifications of the candidates for the job; incumbents salary or desired compensation; and any comments that would support the request for the position. The Requisition will be ready for recruitment as soon as it has been electronically approved by the following: area Vice President or Vice Provost, Controller, and VP of Finance. Job Posting 

The College supports employee access to promotional and developmental opportunities. For this reason all vacant positions are posted, with exceptions described below. Employees are encouraged to apply, and to let others outside the College know about open positions. With the exceptions described below, job vacancies are posted for a minimum of five working days on the College website. Periodic emails to the campus staff and faculty listserv can also be used. Examples of types of Positions include new or replacement positions, promotions, transfers, and an outside temporary need. Job Posting Exceptions

Although the general policy of the College is that all vacant positions shall be posted, positions need not be posted if there is a qualified Christian Brother, or a qualified individual from a limited list of exceptions (e.g. positions reporting directly to the President, certain departmental promotions approved by the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources or designee, staff returning from certain leaves of absence, and members of other religious orders exempted by the President). The determination whether or not a position is posted is made by HR in consultation with the Hiring Manager. Examples may include extensions of temporary help, title changes, lateral changes within a department, and reclassifications. Job Advertising

Human Resources writes and places advertising on Bay Area and National general and targeted websites and professional journals, with an effort to reach potential qualified candidates that reflect the diversity of the student population and of the San Francisco Bay Area. If Hiring Managers or search committees desire advertising in specific venues, they should discuss this request or need with the Director of Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Human Resources Consultation.

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4.4 Candidate Review

4.4.1 Applying for a Position

To apply for a position, interested individuals inside and outside of the College needs to submit an employment application (required) and résumé (optional) to the College online recruitment system via the Human Resources website and by the stated deadline. Note: employees of the College who apply for vacant positions are not guaranteed selection.

4.4.3 Interviews 

It is the policy of Saint Mary’s College that all qualified internal candidates for open positions will be interviewed. Internal candidates must meet minimal qualifications and must have been employed for a minimum of 90 days at the time of the interview. Staff members are not required to notify their supervisors when submitting an application for a posted position. Once the staff member is considered a finalist for the position, his/her supervisor will be contacted prior to completion of the hiring process for a reference.

The Hiring Manager and Human Resources work together to determine qualified internal, and if desired, external candidates. The Hiring Manager is responsible for ensuring that appropriate interviews are conducted. Guidelines to Candidates’ Campus Interview

The Human Resources recruitment budget is used for recruiting expenses for up to three candidates per position. Allowable expenses include airline ticket, transportation between airport and hotel. Rental cars are typically not covered. Meals are not covered through HR, however a department may elect to cover the meals. Please check your department for their policies on covering meals.

Search committee chairs for staff searches should contact Human Resources Recruitment at 4457 to make arrangements for candidate airline and hotel reservations.  Provide HR Recruitment as much lead time as possible when scheduling a candidate’s visit to the campus (at least 7-14 days). If a search committee determines to interview more than three candidates and/or if there are more than four persons included in any meal, the additional cost will be an expense to the department and the search committee chair needs to seek approval from the appropriate VP.

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4.5 Offer Process

4.5.1 Background Checks

Saint Mary’s College recognizes the importance of seeking to maintain a safe campus with employees who are honest, well qualified for their positions, and who do not present a risk of harm to members of the College community. For this reason, Saint Mary’s College performs background checks for new hires. A background check may be performed in the case of an internal promotion or transfers if the new position requires one (e.g. going from a non-financial to financial role and a background check has not been performed in 3 years). The areas covered by the background check will vary from job to job depending upon access to financial records, contact with students, etc. The candidate will provide written authorization for the background check. Candidates (includes internal as well as external candidates) can request a free copy of the background check. Candidates who decline to submit to an appropriate background check as defined by the AVP of Human Resources or designees, or who fail to provide required information may be denied employment. Results from a background check, including those that identify issues of institutional concern in connection with the position sought by the candidate, will be reviewed by the Chief Human Resources Officer or designee, including but not limited to, the relevance of any conviction to the candidate’s anticipated position, or in the case of a current employee, that employee’s current position, plus any evidence of providing false information to the College and the candidate’s response to the information obtained, before determining the appropriate outcome. In addition to a background check, positions that include driving a College vehicle or driving a personal vehicle on the College’s behalf may be subject to further inquiry by the College’s insurance broker.

4.5.2 Reference Checks

The hiring supervisor is responsible for completing and documenting reference checks with former supervisors and others familiar with the candidate’s work experience. Human Resources can provide assistance and training on checking references. Reference checks can be done before, after or concurrent with the background check.

4.5.3 Final Steps before Job Offer

Once satisfactory results from the background and reference checks have been obtained, the salary offer can be determined. The salary offer is determined by the Director of Faculty and Staff Recruitment & HR Consultation in consultation with the Hiring Manager or department head. Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that all College policies and external regulations (e.g., background checks, visa requirements, work authorization) have been observed to provide for consistent and fair treatment of candidates.

4.5.4 Job Offer and Confirmation Letter

The Hiring Manager makes the job offer after consultation with the Director of Faculty and Staff Recruitment & HR Consultation. If the candidate accepts the position, the Hiring Manager notifies Human Resources of the acceptance and the new employee’s start date. HR then prepares and sends a confirmation letter to the candidate summarizing the terms and conditions of employment. To be eligible to begin the employment relationship, the candidate must sign the confirmation letter and return it to Human Resources.

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4.6 Closing Out the Recruitment

4.6.1 Notification to Candidates Not Selected

The Hiring Manager is responsible for informing candidates interviewed but not selected that another candidate was chosen. This can be done by phone or letter and Human Resources is available for consultation on best practices and templates. Human Resources will inform applicants who were not selected for interviews.

4.6.2 Record Retention

The hiring authority or search committee is expected to maintain summary information about the search process, applicants and hires. Search committee members need to collect the following information about a search:

  • Position description
  • Actual dated copies of announcements, advertising, and other solicitations for applications and nominations, including documentation of recruitment of women and minorities
  • Applications, nominations, correspondence, evaluations, references, a record of verbal contacts with or about applicants or nominees and other application materials submitted by the candidates or requested by the search committee; Minutes for all committee meetings
  • Information on how search committees function, including the charge to the search committee; and Evaluations of candidates at each step of the interview process, including evaluations of candidates who are interviewed and reasons why candidates were not further considered for the position.

Please send all materials related to a recruitment search to HR Attn: RECRUITMENT

All records of recruitment searches are retained by HR for a minimum three years or longer as deemed necessary by the College.

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4.7 Ways to Promote Your Opening Beyond the Job Posting

  • Know your market – Where do people with these skills find information?
  • Talk to everyone you know (even family members) – you never know who they know!
  • Let others outside of your office know what you are looking for! We all get busy and we may not check what is currently open.
    • Professional Associations
    • Clubs
    • Civic organizations

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4.8 Checklist for Hiring Managers

A Checklist on the recruitment process for Hiring Managers PDF is available online here.

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4.9 Promotions and Transfers

4.9.1 Promotion Policy

The Hiring Manager or department head consults with Human Resources regarding promotions or transfers. Human Resources will review salary, job grade, transfer date and related matters with the appropriate level of supervisor. (also see section 7.4.1 Promotion) Types of Promotions:

Competitive Promotions

A promotion involves movement from one position to a different position with a higher salary range through a competitive recruitment process.This movement is usually the result of the employee applying for and being selected for a position through the recruitment and selection process.  NOTE: movement from an individual contributor role to a Lead, Supervisor, or Managerial role is generally a competitive promotion. 

Non-competitive Promotions

  • A promotion resulting from the upgrading of a position without significant change in the duties and responsibilities due to issuance of a new classification standard or an adjustment in pay only;
  • Interim assignments with greater responsibility; or
  • A career ladder movement upward in a job family in the same department or unit without an increase in an additional position authorization. Salary Considerations

Individuals promoted into a higher level position in the College generally receive a promotional increase. Human Resources will work with the hiring supervisor/manager to determine the appropriate promotional increase before the offer is made and before potential pay is discussed with the employee. The new salary will not be less than the minimum or more than the maximum of the range assigned to the position. Promotions of one grade level will generally result in an increase of 5%. Promotions of two or more grade levels will generally result in an increase of 8%–12%.The factors that impact promotional increases include, but are not limited to:

  • Degree to which job responsibility increased
  • Amount and date of the employee’s previous salary adjustment
  • Salaries of employee’s new peer group, relative to experience and time in position and/or salary grade
  • College-wide internal equity issues
  • Budgetary constraints

Supervisors must consult with HR to determine the amount of the promotional increase. Approvals required include those of the Associate Vice President of Human Resources. Announcement of Promotions and Transfers

Promotions, recognize a significant change in a staff member’s duties and responsibilities. Creating a formal announcement to recognize the efforts of the staff member is highly encouraged. This helps encourage internal movement and it keeps staff members engaged in the College. The direct manager of the newly promoted person or transfer should contact Human Resources to coordinate the announcement. Announcements will include a photo and bio information. Directors/Deans and above will also receive an article announcement in the Campus News Bulletin.

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