Navia Benefit Solutions (Formerly Flex-Plan)

Do you have PLANNED medical, dental, vision, or day care expenses occurring in 2016?  A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can help you save money by setting aside pre-tax dollars through payroll deduction.

Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA):

If you are considering an FSA for the first time please review the Navia Enrollment Guide Kit.  Additionally, Navia has produced several short videos that can be found here to help explain participation benefits in the Health Care FSA and Day Care FSA programs.

Commuter Benefits: 

Sign up instructions and general information about the program can be found in the links provided below. The code, SM1, will be required for online registration.

GoNavia Transit Benefit Information and Sign-up Instructions

GoNavia Transit Debit Card Information

When placing your order you may notice that IRS has updated the pre-tax maximums for 2016.  The pre-tax maximum for transit is $130 per month and the pre-tax maximum for parking is $250 per month. These limits are always subject to change.  It is important to note that the GoNavia Program is available year-round as long as you’re eligible for commuter benefits.  

Helpful Links: 

2016 Navia Enrollment Guide Kit

2016 Navia FSA Enrollment Form

Navia HSA Health Care or Day Care Claim Form 

Navia Day Care Receipt for Service

GoNavia Commuter Benefits Sign Up Instructions

GoNavia Commuter Benefits - How it Works and FAQ's

Letter of Medical Necessity