These are general guidelines for beginning the recruitment process for hiring a Lecturer. Please also refer to Section in the Faculty Handbook regarding the selection/appointment of non-tenure-track faculty.

The General Process to hire a Lecturer at SMC

  1. For lecturer faculty positions, please send your job description and qualifications to Vickia Brinkley at to be inputted into the online system. 
  2. Once the position has been entered into the online system, you or your designee will be notified to create an online job requisition (request). This job requisition is used to secure approvals through your School or Department and to ensure that it is proper funded prior to it being posted.
  3. Once the position has been fully signed of from all approvers, then the position will be posted and advertisted.
  4. Positions are posted  on the SMC site for a minimum of 5 business days. Positions are advertised on job boards for a minimum of 30 days. Interviewing can begin at anytime, however offers can only be made after a position posting is closed.
  5. Next, be sure to identify members of your Search Committee ( if applicable) to Vickia Brinkley at, so that each member can gain access to view candidate information  online.
  6. Contact S. Jamila Buckner at or 925-631-4213 to discuss recruitment strategies on how to attract quality candidates to the position. This meeting with also cover hiring timelines, interview protocol, how to effectively use the online system, how to recommend candidates for hire, and the onboarding process.
  7. Be sure to use your Recruitment partners throughout the process, especially during key times such as your initial committee meetings, travel for candidates coming for in person interviews, during the final stage of identifying candidates to guide the reference process and background checking process.

For more information, please contact S. Jamila Buckner, Director, Faculty & Staff Recruitment, Special Projects and HR Consultation at 925-631-4213 or

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