ID Cards

Employees can request an employee ID card or replacement ID card from the Business Office by submitting the SMC ID Card Request Form


  • a valid SMC account to log in and submit the form
  • employed by SMC as Faculty, Staff or are a registered Volunteer
    • student workers are not eligible for Staff ID cards
  • a recent headshot that is appropriate for an ID card.
    • no filters or other modifications to the image that alter the subject's appearance
    • your head should fit within the frame (not too large or too small)
    • full color
    • head should not be tilted or shown in profile
    • neutral expression, avoid exaggerated smiles or expressions
    • eyes should be visible, no sunglasses. Avoid glare from eyeglasses
    • no head coverings unless they are worn daily for religious purposes
    • a plain background, ideally white or similar
    • clear and in-focus
    • resolution sufficient for a high quality print

SMC ID Card Request Form

Page updated: 2/21/22