Learning and Organizational Effectiveness (LOE)

Learning and Organizational Effectiveness: SMC Human Resources

What is Learning and Organizational Effectiveness (LOE)?

LOE supports the professional development of Saint Mary’s employees through training and development programs aligned with the college’s mission and strategic priorities.

LOE is also a resource for campus leaders and supervisors who are seeking to strengthen team effectiveness, make organizational improvements, or implement strategic change.   

What is the LOE Mission?

The mission of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness is to build an engaged, inclusive, high performing campus community through:

  • A 3-year and ongoing LOE strategy for SMC
  • Training and other professional development opportunities for SMC leaders, academic leaders, supervisors, and staff
  • Support to committees, ad hoc groups, and intact work teams to improve planning, work processes, communication, and cohesion
  • Change management support for organization-wide and department-specific initiatives

What specific services does LOE provide to our college community?

Learning and Organizational Effectiveness at Saint Mary’s College of California provides an array of services to support professional development and organizational effectiveness across the campus. Feel free to contact Maura Wolf (mpw2@stmarys-ca.edu) Manager, Training & Professional Development for more information.




















Call X 4212 for information on enrolling in training programs. 

Call X 4910 for information on organizational effectiveness services.