GAELPerform Guidance for Supervisors

The following contains guidance for Managers/Supervisors for using GAELPerform to complete Year-End Performance Reviews. Please read through this information carefully.

July 30, 2018

Dear Saint Mary’s Supervisors of Staff Employees: WELCOME TO GAELPerform

GAELPerform, powered by Halogen software, is Saint Mary’s web-based system for completing performance reviews for SMC staff members. GaelPerform was first launched on May 6, 2013. This is our fifth appraisal year using the new system.

It allows supervisors and staff to:

  • Complete reviews online
  • Access and view completed reviews
  • Co-create goals & development plans that will be housed in the web-based system
  • Record performance-related notes (e.g. feedback, kudos) on your personal Homepage

It allows the organization to:

  • Track performance review completion rates, rating averages, and other data

This year, the GAELPerform annual review process opens on July 30, 2018. That day you will receive an email letting you know this year's review process is beginning. If you already set up your password last year you won't need to follow the link in the activation email. Just log onto your homepage.

If you are NEW to GaelPerform or did not set up your homepage last year, you will need to follow this activation link (good for 96 hours) to establish your GAELPerform password and security questions.

The Performance Review Period

You’re completing staff performance reviews for the 2017-2018 performance year (July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018).

Section A: Key Accomplishments and Goals Achieved is the first evaluation component of SMC’s online review form. It requires staff members to describe two or more key accomplishments or goals that were achieved during FY 2017-18. For staff whose reviews were finalized last year (e.g. all electronic sign offs completed), this year's appraisal form in GAELPerform will auto-populate with the goals that were filled out in Section E: New Goals last year. If the goals developed in Section E changed over the course of the year, people can simply edit or delete the auto-populated text and write in the changes in Section A of this year's review form. 

Section B-1 of the review form is an evaluation of core competencies that are expected of all SMC staff members. Supervisors have an additional set of competencies on which they are evaluated - Section B-2 on the supervisor review form. Although staff appraisal forms in past years have included competencies, the current competencies and their definitions have been streamlined to better reflect SMC’s mission and strategic priorities.

Sections C & D of the form are the Overall Performance Summary and Overall Performance Rating. These areas represent an overview or summative evaluation, taking into account content in both Sections A and B.

Section E is the place where the staff member and supervisor will write new goals for the upcoming year - in this case, for FY 2018-19. These goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based). The goals that are created here will auto-populate onto next year's review form in Section A (see above).

New Hires

The 2017-18 review will NOT be required for staff members with a start date of April 1, 2018 or later.

Please feel free to contact Human Resources with questions or for assistance by emailing