In Ecclesiastes

By Marilyn Abildskov

No word, no thought, no knowledge,
no wisdom to com. So let me tell you
now what I love: the smell of coffee
from the other room. Fresh brown bread,
ripe pears, strong cheese. Wine in blue
glasses on a cold November afternoon.
Two logs in the fireplace, partly burned.
Small drawings of birds, the winter wren
arriving from the north in fall. Flannel sheets.
This sunroom. Rain falling through pines.
An ice storm this morning. Your voice,
clear then fading on the telephone.

Marilyn Abildskov is the author of the memoir The Men in My Country. Her poems and essays have appeared in such distinguished journals as Quarterly West, Black Warrior Review, Fourth Genre and Southern Review. She is an associate professor of English at Saint Mary's College of California.

"In Ecclesiastes" first appeared in Ascent, Volume 31, Number 1, Fall 2007.