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In Memoriam: Andrew Fargo

by Erin Hallissy

Andrew Fargo '99, who had battled a brain tumor since he was 5 years old, died on Dec. 20, 2005 at his home outside Bakersfield at the age of 29. Mr. Fargo was surrounded by his family, including his sisters Robyn and Becky, his father, Bill, stepmother Naudine, his girlfriend Brooklyn and her service dog, Weldon, and his brother-in-law Mark Garibaldi. They prayed the Lord's Prayer as he passed away.

After a lifetime that included 13 operations, radiation, and chemotherapy, Mr. Fargo's last weeks were filled with rich and rewarding experiences. He traveled to Disneyland and Pismo Beach, had many visits from Saint Mary's friends, and had the opportunity to talk by phone with his music idol, Garth Brooks.

"He was a very even-tempered, focused individual," says Brother Camillus Chavez, who worked with Mr. Fargo on meditation during his years at Saint Mary's. "He was always very pleasant. He seemed to accept his condition with equanimity and strength."

Mr. Fargo lost his sight in his left eye when he was 5, and most of his sight in his right eye when he was a sophomore at Saint Mary's, his brother-in-law, Mark Garibaldi, says. Mr. Fargo tape-recorded lectures and took oral exams, and graduated with a bachelor's in communications. After graduation, he attended the Orientation Center for the Blind in Albany, where he met his girlfriend, Brooklyn Rodden. He later moved to Sacramento, and then returned home to "The Farm" in Edison, near Bakersfield.

Brother Camillus recalls that Mr. Fargo always appreciated everything that people did to help him. "He was always upbeat, trying to improve his situation. He was always very kind and optimistic."

Mr. Fargo loved to travel, and visited most of the 50 states as well as England, Scotland, Ireland, and Mexico. He loved learning, and was curious about many topics, including sports, astronomy, and the stock market.

Eleven of Mr. Fargo's 12 pallbearers were SMC alums. He was preceded in death by his mother, Daphane.