In Memorium

John Joseph "Jack" McCaffrey ’51

For more than 40 years, Jack McCaffrey ’51 was one of Saint Mary’s College’s biggest fans. Anyone who attended an athletic event, a 5th Quarter Family Picnic or another alumni activity probably met Jack. He attended most football and baseball games over the years and was an avid supporter of all things Saint Mary’s.

For 38 years, he was a teacher at Galileo High School in San Francisco. As an educator and a football and basketball coach, he took great pride in helping thousands of students better themselves through their work in the classroom and on the field. He recruited several students for Saint Mary’s College and is also responsible for connecting the College with Jim McDonald, who enjoyed a long career coaching football for the Gaels.

Jack’s roots as a volunteer are a family tradition. His father, Jim, was president of the San Francisco “Street Car Alumni” during the Slip Madigan years at Saint Mary’s. To be a member of the Street Car Alumni, you did not have to attend Saint Mary’s; you just had to be a football booster.

“Jack volunteered for everything,” said his friend Ken Vincent ’52. He served on the Alumni Board of Directors, spent time as an ambassador for the admissions office, worked at 5th Quarter postgame events and organized a train trip from California to Columbia University in New York in order to recreate the famous “Madigan” train of the 1930s, which traveled cross-country to Fordham University. He also worked as a playground director in San Francisco for many years.

Jack’s daughter, Catherine (Katie) Talbott ’95, and son, John McCaffrey ’91, attended Saint Mary’s College, along with Jack’s two brothers, James ’50 and Lawrence ’53, as well as his nephew, Chris McCaffrey ’84. Jack‘s legacy at Saint Mary’s is one that will remain bright for years to come.

At his funeral Mass, “The Bells of Saint Mary’s” was played at the entrance and the exit.


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