In Search of the Source: The Nile and Beyond by Lockwood de Forest

Lockwood de Forest


Lockwood de Forest, one of America’s fine atmospheric painters, took the lessons of the Hudson River school and applied them in his own manner, creating a looser landscape “sketch.”
As a young man he studied briefly with the Italian painter Hermann Corrodi, and later took instruction from his distant cousin Frederic Church, who was then considered the most famous artist in America. During a European trip in 1868-1869, he accompanied Church on a sketching excursion to the Acropolis in Athens. In 1875-1876, de Forest traveled extensively in Syria, Greece and Egypt. He spent four months along the Nile River. Selections from that trip are included in this exhibition.
As well as being a painter, de Forest was an interior and building designer, and furnishings importer, who had working partnerships with Louis Comfort Tiffany, among others. He was recognized by his peers, as evidenced by his election to the prestigious National Academy of Design.