Gender Equity & Women’s History Month Subcommittee

The Gender Equity & Women’s History Month subcommittee aims to examine and envision ways in which gender equity issues can be integrated into programmatic offerings across campus as they relate to and intersect with other realms of identity and with contemporary issues: Identify trends, needs, and programmatic opportunities to integrate gender into the work of our respective offices and on the campus as a whole. In order to fulfill this charge, we plan, curate, and execute the campus-wide observation of Women’s History Month. Serve as an advisory board to CWGE in identifying ways and collaborative opportunities to make services, resources, and spaces on campus ranging from the CWGE to CARE accessible to students from marginalized backgrounds and the campus as a whole.

About Women's History Month

50 year logoFifty years ago, Saint Mary’s College of California embarked on a new chapter of its journey of inclusion as it opened its doors to women. As we’ve readied ourselves for the commemoration of this important milestone in our history, we’ve found ourselves in the thick of a global pandemic, requiring us to pivot in the planning and delivery of our programs. We invite you to join us for a wide variety of events, because this year, Women’s History month takes on special importance for the entire Saint Mary’s College community, past and present.

The CCIE sub-committee on Gender Equity & Women’s History in collaboration with enthusiastic partners across campus has put together a robust lineup of virtual programs connected to the theme, Representations. This format allows us to amplify the voices and experiences of alums, scholars, social justice practitioners, artists, and authors from across the country and makes it possible for alumni, students, and community members to tap into our programming from wherever they are.

The topics addressed in this year's honoring of Women’s History are the result of not only the work of the committees, but also the input of alums, faculty, staff, and students. The programs are intersectional and take to heart these questions: How does gender intersect with race, class, sexual orientation, and other elements of our identity? What inspires some SMC alums, like Dr. Nicole Jackson, to be trailblazers in the academy? How can we be the best versions of ourselves as we work toward a more just and equitable world?

Please join us in celebrating these programs at this important moment in history.

Margaret Kasimatis                                                     Sharon Sobotta

Interim Executive Vice President                               Chair, CCIE Subcommittee for Gender
                                                                                    Equity & Women's History