Que(e)ries: Diverse Genders and Sexualities Action Subcommittee

In the Spirit of our Lasallian Catholic* heritage, we are committed to respect for and holistic development of all persons. We recognize that our community includes individuals with vast and intersectional identities including diverse gender identities, gender expressions, sexualities, sexual expressions, family, and relational structures and backgrounds. As such we aim to actively inform and support policies, practices, and actions that affirm and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ communities at Saint Mary's College. We will do this via the promotion of equitable and collaborative work grounded in rich traditions of resistance, liberation, and social justice. 


The subcommittee shall be Co-Chaired by two representatives of the CCIE, made up of faculty and staff and one student representative. The core working group shall consist of faculty, staff, and students ideally including campus offices and groups who are invested in initiatives supporting our charge. The College Provost and the Associate Provost & Senior Diversity Officer shall be considered ex-officio members of the subcommittee. The subcommittee will also remain an open space available to members of the Saint Mary's community who seek ways to contribute to the charge. We especially welcome members who bring intersectional perspectives to the work of the committee.

To join the Qu(e)ries Listserv, once logged into MySMC, go to Google Apps and click on Groups. Once on the Groups landing page, on the left hand side, click All Groups, search for "Que(e)ries" and Join the Group! For privacy, only co-Chairs can see membership within the Listserv.

Co-Chairs (2022-2023):


Professor José Alfonso Feito  


Molly June Roquet, Education Librarian