Academic Blueprint

In the spring of 2011, Saint Mary’s released its new Academic Blueprint, which, along with a newly created core curriculum, was designed to advance academic excellence and achievement at the College.

The Blueprint is being implemented over a five-year period and focuses on academic programs and activities that promote an integrated, collaborative and distinctive educational experience for both students and professors alike.

One of the most important goals established in the Blueprint is to create an inclusive, global environment on campus by increasing diversity in students, faculty and staff; and developing a curriculum that promotes diversity and inclusiveness.

In carrying out this goal, the School of Economics and Business Administration has appointed three new minority women faculty members and expanded its recruitment of diverse students to the graduate level. SEBA boasts a number of new diversity scholarships, including the Lighthouse Diversity Scholarship; Deju Hispanic Scholarship; AAA Northern, California, Nevada Scholarship for Diversity; the Dean’s Scholarship for Women Executives; and the William L‘Heureux African-American Diversity Scholarship. SEBA has also revised the Business Administration undergraduate major to include attention to global business throughout.

Study abroad programs have been expanded, with Berlin and Shanghai added as new destinations and Akita, Japan, approved for the future.The Center for International Programs is also pursuing a new program in Australia focused on communications, business and science majors at the University ofTechnology, Sydney, and has begun to explore opportunities in Brazil. The College has also increased substantial support to the Christian Service Internship program, which sends dozens of students abroad each January to engage reflectively in an experience of direct service to the disadvantaged.

To enhance students’ international exposure, the College created a new international living-learning community and expanded financial aid for both JanuaryTerm and study abroad. Saint Mary’s also created the Science and Society Seminar – now in its second year – in which undergraduate science majors from Japan’s Osaka University spend 3-1/2 weeks on campus. Each Osaka student is paired with a Saint Mary’s “science buddy” who serves as a conversation partner and friend.

Professional development in cultural competency continues to be a focus.This past year, Saint Mary’s sponsored workshops for the Kalmanovitz School of Education, Academic Resources, the Council of Deans and CCIE. We will also be offering a next-level Campus of Difference program next year.The commitment to inclusive excellence increasingly underscores all academic initatives at the College.