Participation at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE), the nation’s leading forum addressing race and ethnicity issues in higher education, has become an annual event for Saint Mary’s staff, students and faculty since 2008. 
Rockeish Mackenzie

"I want to make a difference...The more I am educated on how this world really works, the more I want to continue to find the truth and educate others and myself."

— Rockeish Mackenzie

This past spring, a group of nine Saint Mary’s students presented a daylong workshop entitled “Training Students to Become Peer Facilitators for Intergroup Dialogue” at NCORE in Newyork City.

This was the first time that students from any college led a major workshop at NCORE.

During the workshop, students discussed how to deal with racism, sexism, classism, ableism, heterosexism and religious oppression.They demonstrated techniques of facilitation and did a debriefing exercise. At the same conference, three Saint Mary’s staff members presented at a session entitled “Developing a Peer Dialogue Program on Campus: Pedagogical and Political Strategies.”

The Saint Mary’s student presenters had all participated in the JanTerm course, “Finding Our Voices: Hearing Others.” At the conference, they demonstrated what they learned in the class and how they learned it. About 30 people attended the workshop, and several have contacted the students to find out more about their experience and how it can be applied to other campuses.

In addition to presenting at NCORE, the students, in partnership with the InteractiveTheatreTroupe, have done several workshops with first-year advising cohorts, in residence halls, with student groups and at a faculty development workshop. Students regularly lead presentations for the general community demonstrating what they’ve accomplished to help create greater dialogue on campus and spread social justice.