Overview of Funded Campus Initiatives

Over the past four years, CCIE has funded a variety of initiatives, devoting an annual budget of $40,000 to do so.

While some of these initiatives are for single events, such as bringing a speaker to campus or funding students and faculty to attend conferences, other proposals were written for programs that have become campus fixtures, including the Interactive TheatreTroupe, Campus of Difference and the Bias Incident ResponseTeam.

The CCIE budget subcommittee has the authority to approve any proposal under $1,000. Proposals from those asking for more money than that must be voted on and approved by the entire committee.

Individuals and groups desiring funding must fill out a proposal application outlining how what they want to do will fit in with the mission of the CCIE, who the target audience of their project will be and what impacts are expected.

One of the goals the CCIE has established is collaboration, so an ability to work with other people or groups will make the proposal more attractive.The committee is also looking for continuing projects that can be institutionalized, to ensure funding independent of CCIE in the future.

Requests for funding are accepted and considered on a rolling basis. Projects have covered a very broad range of issues, from environmental concerns and mental health awareness to such international affairs as the Rwandan genocide.