Funding Opportunities

The College Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE) welcomes proposals for programs and professional development that advance the College's vision on inclusive excellence:

"We of Saint Mary's College of California are dedicated to treating all people with dignity and respect in ways that acknowledge and engage diverse backgrounds and ideas. Our policies, practices and behaviors foster a safe and inclusive community and promote learning that is equitable, collaborative and inspired by the presence of God in and among us."


Any member or group of the Saint Mary’s College community is eligible to apply for funding from CCIE.  Programs are events, such as guest speakers, films, artistic performances, workshops, retreats, etc., whereas professional development includes but is not limited to external conferences and webinars.

Due Date:

Proposals can be submitted any time provided funding is available.

Response Time:

Proposals requesting $1,000 or less should receive a response within one to two weeks after submission.  The response time for proposals over $1,000 may take up to four to five weeks as they must be voted on by the entire CCIE, which meets once a month.


Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1. How well the program or professional development opportunity supports the CCIE’s vision statement

2. Impact on the College community, and more specifically:

     a. The target audience - Wider audiences will take priority.

     b. Number of individuals reached - Larger numbers are preferred.

     c. Strength of impact on the individuals affected - Stronger impact is preferred.

3. Focus - Proposals with clear, well-defined goals will take priority.

4. New programs will take precedence over recurring requests.  CCIE funding should be considered as seed money to start up initiatives and not as on-going financial support.

5. Proposals that receive their main funding from other sources are preferred.

6. Collaboration with other parties is preferred.

Final Reports:

Recipients of funded proposals must submit one to two reports, the first of which is due four weeks after the program or professional development is over.  Professional development proposals require an additional follow-up report.  Recipients of funded proposals must be available to present their outcomes to the CCIE in person, if requested.  Please review the reporting forms prior to submitting a proposal.


Program Proposals

Professional Development Proposals


Please contact Ryan M. Lamberton the CCIE Budget Chair, at (925) 631-4015 with any questions regarding your proposal.