The work of the CCIE will begin with this summer with workshops on developing a common language and understanding the Organizational Development Model of Inclusion.

The CCIE will focus on the following goals, as articulated in former campus initiatives, the work of the CDC, and recommendations from campus constituents in Spring 2008.  The strategies listed are examples, but are not exhaustive or definitive. 

  1. Improve the Recruitment, Retention, and Success of Underrepresented Students, Staff, and Faculty.   Strategies may include establishment of targets for applicant pools and composition, training in inclusive recruiting, mentoring programs, and the development of programs and structures to promote student success.
  2. Build an Inclusive Community.  Strategies include targeted training in cultural competencies for all campus constituents, professional development for faculty in teaching and learning with diverse populations, support for diversity initiatives, and development of communication tools in support of inclusive excellence.
  3. Develop Systems of Accountability and Assessment.  Strategies may include requiring and reviewing diversity and equity plans in programs and schools, recommending and reviewing policies and procedures for handling incidents of intolerance and discrimination, reviewing and assessing diversity requirements in the curriculum, and conducting and reviewing climate surveys/diversity audits.