Response to the Recent Attacks on API Identities: A Letter from Asian Pacific Islanders Subcommittee and Kathy Littles

Saint Mary’s College Faculty, Staff & Students

The Asian Pacific Islander Subcommittee of the College Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE) is outraged & angered by the horrific attacks on API people across the nation. We are calling on the Saint Mary's College community to become knowledgeable and to take action against any and all manifestations of structural racism and violence.  In the past few weeks, an 84 year old Thai man, Vicha Ratannapakdee, was killed after being pushed to the ground in San Francisco; an elderly Chinese man is shoved and thrown to the ground, a Chinese man is robbed at gunpoint in front of his home, and over 20 attacks against elderly women are reported all in Oakland’s Chinatown; a Filipino man, Noel Quintana, in New York City is slashed across his face with a blade; in San Jose a Vietnamese grandmother is robbed and assaulted; a recent fire occurred at the Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay. Unfortunately, this list is not exhaustive; more robberies and assaults are coming to light daily.

         These acts against API people are clearly targeted, discriminatory, ageist, and racist. All of these attacks are taking place in the midst of Lunar New Year Celebrations around the world, where many API identities and cultures should be celebrated and honored. This is on top of the already global pandemic present in our world, which has been impacting Asian Pacific Islander communities deeply due to our large presence in the healthcare system. We also distribute this statement with the recognition that this coming weekend marks the Days of Remembrance, around February 19 every year, to mark the signing of Executive Order 9066 (1942) during WWII, which authorized the imprisonment of over 110,000 Japanese Americans, mostly citizens, and Japanese Latin Americans, brought to the U.S. from South America, for the sole assumption of their allegiance to Japan over the U.S.

        How to Respond to Harassment for People Experiencing Anti-Asian/American Harassment Training Workshop:

If you are experiencing or witnessing hate crimes, all SMC community members can submit a BIRT report, or if you are feeling a particular impact from recent events and would like to speak to a counselor you can schedule an appointment, free for students, through CAPS, faculty, and staff can contact the Claremont Employee Assistance Program.


Loan Dao, Associate Professor and Director of Ethnic Studies Program, and Ardi Samonte, Student Engagement and Academic Success Coach on behalf of the Asian Pacific Islander Subcommittee, and Kathy Littles, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Senior Diversity Officer

In Solidarity,

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