India News Media Covers SEBA Graduate Business Students In Mumbai

NMTV, a Mumbai-based 24-hour television news channel covered the recent visit of a class of professional MBA students in Saint Mary's Graduate Business program to the Indian city. The course in international management is offered in SEBA's Professional MBA Program to graduate business students through a partnership between the College and the Mahatma Gandhi Education Society and the Pillai Institute in Mumbai.

Associate Dean of the Graduate Business Program Guido Krickx, who coordinated the trip, said it gave students an opportunity to learn firsthand about business in another country and continent. "Our Professional MBA students visited top Indian companies, and the range of companies and industries was very broad, including the Reserve Bank of India (their Federal Reserve), Glenmark - a pharmaceutical company that sells 80% of its products in the U.S.." he said. "They saw first-hand an economy in fast forward!"

NMTV's lengthy business news story featured an interview with Associate Dean Guido Krickx and two students in the Professional MBA program, Melissa Downing and Luchi Wilson.

In addition to the NMTV broadcast, the SEBA graduate students' trip was covered by several print outlets, including the Times of India.

Watch the NMTV news story about Saint Mary's graduate business students in Mumbai.