Indomitable Spirit

Alex LaVesqueA Saint Mary’s College degree seems almost a rite of passage for the Levesque family. Cousin Beau ’14 and siblings Zak ’ll and Alyssa ’12 have all crossed the stage to accept their diplomas, so it logically followed that Alex would follow suit.

But the younger Levesque didn't walk this month, he rode his mobility scooter, a symbol of his indomitable spirit. Levesque has disabilities that prevent him from feeling his hands and feet. He struggles to maintain a healthy weight and just getting into Saint Mary’s was a challenge.

 “When I first wanted to go there, they said, ‘We’re not really sure we can accommodate you and fulfill your needs.’ I said, ‘Why don’t we just try?’”

Levesque had just finished the Spartan Success Program at De La Salle High School and was known as an inspiration for the school’s perennial state championship football team. His senior year, he gave the pep talk before a big game against Pittsburg High.

“I can’t do this myself,” he told the boys, “but you guys can use my spirit in your playing.” The Spartans went on to win the North Coast Section Championship.

“He’s just got that spirit and soul,” said Spartan football coach Bob Ladouceur. “His approach to life, considering what he has overcome and continues to overcome, is beyond words.”

Understanding his talent, Levesque is training with motivational speaker and fellow Communication graduate Freddie Silveria ’11, who’s teaching him how to reach even the most dispirited audiences.

“There are countries that have been struck with such poverty and so much tragedy,” said Levesque. “I haven’t struggled like they’ve struggled, but if I could get a message out to them, maybe it would help some of them to keep their heads up.” You have only to look at Levesque's blog,, to see his philosophy. “To this day I continue to be myself no matter what people think, because if God decided to make me this way,” he said, “then I should be proud of his work.”

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