"Inspiring Story" of Saint Mary's College Volunteers

The following letter was published in the Contra Costa Times in response to an article about a New Orleans teen who visited Saint Mary's College and reunited with the students volunteers who helped his family clean up and rebuild after Hurricane Katrina:

Inspiring Story

What a moving, heartwarming story in the Times. Kudos to the St. Mary's students who helped clear and rebuild homes in New Orleans' lower Ninth Ward neighborhood!

It was so inspiring to read about the student volunteers and Katrina survivor Don Palmer. Something good came out of this tragedy after all.

Maybe your story will inspire others to volunteer their future efforts in New Orleans, since there are still homes in ruins.

Kudos to Jackie Burrell for writing such a great story. I hope she wins an award for it. I can't stop crying, moved to tears by the kindness of strangers.

Kathleen Rich


Contra Costa Times Letter to the Editor