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For more information on the IRB, please contact us or visit us during the office hour.

Office Hour

1:30-2:30 on the following Tuesdays in the faculty/staff dining: February 27, March 20, and April 24



Makiko Imamura (SOLA, Communication), Scientist



Committee Members

Mark Barajas (SOS, Psychology), Scientist

Rosana Barragan (SOLA, Performing Arts/MFA), Non-Scientist

Lynyonne Cotton (SOS, Psychology), Scientist

Chi-An Emhoff (SOLA, Kinesiology), Scientist

Ani Moughamian (KSOE, Educational Leadership), Scientist

S. Marshall Perry (KSOE, Educational Leadership), Scientist

Elizabeth Berkes (External - Director of Faculty Development at De La Salle High School), Scientist

Gregg Thomson (Ex-officio, Institutional Research), Scientist


the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs as Signatory Official


All completed forms should be submitted to the SMC IRB committee via the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Moodle site. If you are a student, your supervising faculty should submit your application.