Conducting Research in Schools and Research with Children

Effective January 1, 2017, please note that our protocol for conducting research in schools has changed. All research in public schools must provide permission letters to conduct research from both the school district and the specific school. All consent letters must be signed on official letterhead. District websites provide guidance for receiving permission as their protocols vary. Researchers conducting investigations in private and parochial schools must provide a written statement detailing the appropriate permission necessary. Applications that do not provide both levels will not be reviewed by the IRB committee.

The IRB relies on the following sites for OHRP guidance in our review and approval of research with children as participants. We would like to share them with our research community on campus.

Research with Children - FAQs:

Included on this page are links to many helpful resources including:

What categories of research involving children can an Institutional Review Board approve?

Are the exemptions different for research involving children?

Can parental or guardian permission for research involving children be waived?

Additional Protections for Children Involved as Subjects in Research (45CFR46 Subpart D)