About Us

"Our ongoing examination of who we are in our full humanity, embracing all our identities, creates the possibility of building alliances that may ultimately free us all." - Beverly Tatum

Our Mission

The Intercultural Center strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment that values diversity and builds inclusive community. Through its co-curricular programs and services, the IC educates the campus for cultural competence and social justice.

Our Goals

  1.  Develop and implement co-curricular programs and services that foster cultural competency.
  2. Provide a safe space for all students to engage their multiple, intersecting, and evolving identities.
  3. Advocate for and empower historically underrepresented and traditionally marginalized groups.
  4. Support student leaders to be change agents for social justice.
  5. Build connections to help create a community that values diversity in all of its forms.

Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of engaging in IC programs and services, students will:

  1. Explore the multiple, intersecting, and evolving dimensions of their identity.
  2. Engage with cultures different from their own.
  3. Practice civil and respectful ways of interacting with people who are different from them.
  4. Increase their sense of belonging within the Saint Mary’s community.
  5. Examine and deconstruct power, privilege, and systematic oppression.
  6. Advocate for historically underrepresented and traditionally marginalized groups.
  7. Demonstrate leadership to work for social justice.