Asian Cultural Night (March 31, 2022)


Twenty-Fourth Annual

Asian Cultural Night (ACN)

  • Thursday, March 31, 2022



"Discovering the World Through our Lens"














Exec Team: 



Co-Chair: Maya Patel (she/her) (Class of 2022) - Business Major with a Concentration in Marketing and Justice Community, and Leadership.  I joined ACN to make sure that my identity is highlighted. There was a lack of representation and I felt like that needed to be solved. ACN is a place/ feeling/ moment that lets me be me and take pride in where I come from and all aspects of my identity. This is a space where I felt comfortable enough to discover and share some of my struggles and trying to define my identity through asking myself questions such as, “What does it mean to be Asian”, “What does it mean to be Indian”, “Where does my family come from and why is this significant”, “What did my family have to go through to get me here” and “What does it mean to be first-generation American”




Co-Chair: Saumya Khanna (she/her) (Class of 2022) - I am a Biology major who joined ACN to connect more with the Asian American community on campus. ACN is a place for me to connect with others who have gone through similar struggles that I have. This space allows not only me but others to showcase our culture to the rest of the SMC community. 






Set Director: Jared Pingue (he/him) (Class of 2022) - I am a Health Science Major who wanted to be a part of ACN because I saw it as an opportunity to express my culture to the rest of the community. I’m proud to be Filipino and Asian American, and my family worked hard to make sure I had the resources I needed to educate myself. I pay tribute to my family and those who helped me get to this point by expressing my love for my culture at events like ACN.





Event Planner: Rusty Peralta (he/him) (Class of 2022) - I am a Business Administration and Digital Media major. I joined ACN because I’ve witnessed firsthand the cultures and great talents shared among the API students at our school. I want to make sure that they get their deserved recognition!






Publicity Coordinator: SydneyJane (SJ) Shia (she/her) (Class of 2022) - Watching my first ACN was the turning point in my engagement within the Saint Mary's community. Seeing the collective idea of community, strength, and love on that stage made me want to explore how to integrate my own culture within the BIPOC community. 






ACN Intern: A.J. (Angelica Johnson) (they/she) (Class of 2024) - I joined ACN to become more familiar with the diverse cultural experiences and perspectives on campus. Despite having been completely virtual, last year’s show inspired me to discover the value of ACN to the Saint Mary’s API community and to aid them in amplifying our voices, embracing our cultures, and allowing others to take a peek through our lens.






ACN Intern:Ryan Quock (He/Him) (Class of 2023) - I wanted to join ACN exec because I never had the opportunity to be a part of ACN because of the pandemic, Ardi often talked about how this event brought a lot of joy to others as well. I also wanted to embrace my own life as an Asian American on this campus and I feel that ACN is a way to connect with others.