Latinx Cultural Night (March 9, 2022)


Twenty-Second Annual


Latinx Cultural Night (LCN)

  • Wednesday, March 9, 2022

    • Ticket sales open at 5:30pm





"The Mountains Around Us"


Exec Team: 



Co-Chair: Stephanie Ramirez - My name is Stephanie, a Senior at SMC and I am one of the Co-Chair for Latinx Cultural Night (LCN). I joined the Executive team because I have always loved seeing the set participants showcase and appreciate the variety of ways they express their identity or connection to the Latinx Community. I’m very grateful for this event because it’s been a way for me to be able to share my own Latinx heritage and values that my family raised me with which is important to me. I’m excited for this event to be in-person again so we can come together and enjoy the beautiful experience Cultural Nights has on our campus community and those that attend the event. 






Set Director: David Garza - Hi! My name’s David, and I am the Set Director for Latinx Cultural Night (LCN). I joined as Set Director because I wanted to be  a part of selecting the unique artistic contributions from the student body at SMC. I am glad to have joined this group, and I am excited to be a part of something that is so meaningful to the community at large.






Event Planner: Athena Carillo - My name is Athena Carrillo and I am the Event Planner for Latinx Cultural Night (LCN). I am a 4th year Biology major here at St. Mary’s, hoping to be in the veterinary field. I joined LCN because I wanted to experience more diversity in the SMC community and within my own nationality that I felt was not represented. My dad’s side of the family is Colombian and my mom’s side of the family is Peruvian so sometimes there’s discourse around the World Cup season. I am proud to share my mixed Latin heritage with you this cultural night.


Publicity Coordinator: Cecilia Estrada Navarro