Middle Eastern & North African Cultural Week (March 22-26)



We, the members of the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) cultural week, gather in order to bring together Saint Mary’s students a welcoming environment to express and experience Middle Eastern and North African cultures. As our cultural night has developed over the years, we are continuing to turn toward a more inclusive environment for all. From Arabian Night, to Arab Cultural Night, and now to MENA, we hope to create a more welcoming atmosphere for all individuals. This year’s cultural week hopes to include much more of the North African region, making it more comprehensive.



Exec Team: Mark Molz & Flona Gorgis








Monday, March 22nd

Tuesday, March 23rd


Wednesday, March 24th

  • Spoken Word (from 2019 MENA cultural night) - by Mark Molz

  • "What do You Hear?" (poem) - by Mark Molz

    • Here is a piece that represents just some of the phrases that individuals from the Middle East and North Africa might hear during their life. It is a variety of different sayings put together because you never know when you will hear something ignorant or stereotypical about you, your culture, and where you’re from. The West often holds common misconceptions of the MENA region which subsequently leads to misinformed comments and questions from individuals who aren’t educated about the region. Generalizations such as these are often harmful because people who do not know the truth try to categorize people, culture, and identities with what they do know. We often see generalizations and stereotypes present in pop culture, movies, food, clothing, religion, and much more. This piece tries to capture just a few comments and questions that someone representing the MENA region might hear throughout their life.

  • People you didn’t know had MENA blood (Tik Tok videos)


Thursday, March 25th


Friday, March 26th