The BASH (March 3, 2022)


Sixteenth Annual


  • Thursday, March 3, 2022

    • Ticket sales open at 5:30pm


The BASH 2022 Video Recording



"Over the Rainbow"




















Exec Team: 



Lead Chair (left): Lauren Smith (she/her) - I love celebrating the beauty, diversity, talent, and strength of the LGBTQIA+ community, and I am excited to help put together a show where people are able to express themselves authentically and uplift each other in the process. The BASH is one of the most special performances on campus (along with the other cultural nights!), and I am looking forward to the excitement and community felt in live performances centered around queer experience from people at Saint Mary's. 


Set Director (right): Tyra Thompson (she/her) - I was drawn to this position not only to explore my own identities, but to help create a beautiful space for other queer students. I want to encourage people to express themselves and know that there is a space for their voices on campus. I am excited to celebrate with my community and have a fun night!!


Publicity Coordinator (middle): Isabel Fernandez (he/they/el) - I joined this team because I was interested in participating in an event that highlights LGBTQiA+ identities on campus, something that is always needed. As an art major and Vice President of The Art Club on campus, I have had the pleasure of designing the posters and advertisements for this event and have had a very nice time getting to meet more people on campus as well as opening a space for LGBTQIA+ individuals to share their talents and personal messages to the rest of the community.