The Executive Team and Analysts of the Investment Group are the most active members. These students attend meetings regularly, participate in market discussions, vote on investment proposals, and do equity valuations. The 2019-2020 school year team has not yet been finalized but their profiles will be published as soon as they are confirmed as full members of the Group.

The Executive Team: Responsible for leading the Investment Group. Duties include: setting the agenda, leading meetings, and presenting quarterly reporting to a select SEBA Board. The Executive Team is responsible for the overall performance of the fund relative to its benchmark and recruiting new members. 

Senior analysts: Analysts who have demonstrated a commitment to the club (over one-year) are often promoted to Senior analysts. Senior analysts are responsible for leading a team of Junior analysts, presenting investment ideas and equities to the Investment Group, and building expertise in a specific sector. 

Junior analysts: Recent or new members admitted to the club. Junior analysts are responsible for conducting equity research, building reports, and financial models, and presenting their ideas to the Investment Group. Junior analysts are also responsible for showing up to investment meetings and voting on which assets to invest in each week.