IT Services Support - On and Off Campus

IT Services SupportIT Services is committed to maintaining the health and safety of our campus community and adheres to the Campus-Wide Health and Wellness Protocol.

In response to COVID-19, the majority of IT Services staff continues to support the community from off campus.  With limited IT Services staff on campus we ask that if you need to meet with IT Services staff in person that you follow the on campus support guidelines outlined below.

Off Campus IT Services Support

Because we are limiting our in-person support please reach out to us by the preferred methods below.

The best, and preferred, methods of contacting IT Services at this time are:

Service Desk staff are available to take your call during the hours below:
Monday-Friday: 7:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am - 3:30pm
Sunday: Closed

For Faculty support you can also visit the EdTech website.

On Campus Support, if needed

For safety reasons we are currently not meeting with clients at the IT Services Modular Building, EdTech Center or the Tech Bar. IT Staff from these buildings are continuing to work with clients remotely. Use one of the methods above to contact staff from these areas.
The Service Desk is operating with limited in-person availability, read more below.

The Service Desk, while still fully manned remotely, is only minimally staffed on campus at this time. 
Below are a few guidelines to follow before heading to the Service Desk to meet with a technician in person.

  • Contact the Service Desk prior to your meeting to evaluate if an in person meeting is needed. The last few months have taught us that many issues can be solved without an in person meeting.
  • Because the Service Desk is minimally staffed at this time we are recommending that you set up an appointment at 925-631-4266 prior to your visit.
  • The Service Desk is located in Galileo Hall, Room 111. If the outside door to the Galileo Hall building is locked then call the Service Desk at 925-631-4266 and a technician will open the door if they are on campus.
  • The door to the Service Desk office will be closed and locked upon your arrival. Please knock and a Service Desk technician will open the door to assist you.
  • Because of the limited space, only one client at a time will be allowed inside the Service Desk office. Please be patient while we are helping other clients.
  • Please do not bring guests with you to your appointment. No guests will be allowed into the Service Desk area.
  • We will try to limit the duration of the visit to 15 minutes. Please have any questions submitted to IT Services in advance to cut down on time.  
  • Face coverings are mandatory for all parties during the duration of the appointment.
  • Plexiglass has been installed to help with social distancing. Please stay on your side of the plexiglass.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • All equipment will be disinfected when it is returned.
  • Service Desk staff will disinfect surfaces as needed after each visit.

Contractors, vendors and guests working with IT Services on campus