GaelPhone Login

Follow all the steps below to connect to your GaelPhone Web Client. The web client will alllow you to make and receive SMC calls from your internet browser.


Step 1
Go to


Step 2
To login to the GaelPhone Web Client, hosted by Jive, always only click the “Sign in with Google” link at the bottom of the login screen.
Do not enter in any email address or password on this screen.
When you visit this login page in the future follow these same steps and always only click on the "Sign in with Google link".

gaelphone login screen


Step 3 (a or b)
Depending on whether you are logged into Google or MySMC you will see one of the screens below (3a or 3b).

3a. If you are not logged into a google account or MySMC you will see the screen below.
Enter your SMC email address and click the Next button.
Proceed to step 4.

google sign in screen

3b. If you are logged into Google or MySMC you will see the "Choose an account" screen below.
Choose your SMC email account.
Proceed to step 5.

Google already signed in screen

Step 4
Sign in with your SMC username and password

MySMC login screen


Step 5
The first time you log in you will need to read the terms of agreement and then click the I Agree button.

Terms of agreement


Step 6
Congratulations! You have arrived at the GaelPhone Web Client!
The correct web client will appear like the one below with a green Jive logo at the top left.

gaelphone web client


In the Future

Remember to always go to and click on the "Sign in with Google" link to log into the GaelPhone web client.