The links below open a page that contains the Quick Start Guide.

These guides have been developed by Rae Peralta, SMC's IT Services Instructional Technology Consultant/Trainer. To report any mistakes in the tutorials and/or to request a new tutorial that is not already on this list, please email

How to access Moodle and your assigned course sites

How to add a user who is not enrolled in the course site

Explanation of the Moodle HOME (aka FrontPage) and Blocks

How to add/remove/replace a Profile image

Explanation of the default course site homepage

Explanation of the course site homepage in EDIT mode

How to change the course site Format

Explanation of Sections

How to add/remove Sections

How to label (name/rename) Sections

Explanation of Moodle's email options: News Forum and QuickMail

How to use News Forum (to post and email announcements)

How to add and use QuickMail (email)

How to add and rename files (the quick way)

How to add files (longer way that provides more options)

How to link to a file in My Private Files and How to delete a file in My Private Files

How to add a website link

How to add a video link

How to add a standard Forum

How to participate in a standard Forum

How to add an advanced Forum

Explanation of the viewing options for an advanced Forum

How to add an assignment so students can upload a single file (such as a Word document for an essay)

How to add an assignment so students can upload multiple files (such as an assignment that includes a Word doc and a Powerpoint and possibly other types of files)

How to add a TurnItIn assignment

Import items from one course site to another

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