Password Policy Update

Your passwords are the key to securing your systems, your accounts, and our organization. Cyber attackers have developed sophisticated methods to guess or brute force passwords, and they are constantly getting better at it.

We have updated our password policy to better protect our users and our organization.

What does this mean to me?

Your Password will Expire

You will receive two emails indicating the date that your password will be set to expire. Both emails will include detailed instructions to reset your password.

Email 1 will be sent to you 15 days prior to your password expiring.

Email 2 will be sent to you the day before your password expires.

You will need to create a new Password

On the date that your password is scheduled to expire you will have to create a new password that meets the following requirements:

  • It must be at least 16 characters in length.
  • It may not start with a number or special character.
  • It is recommended that numbers and/or special characters be included.

If you are having trouble thinking of a new password that meets the new requirements, here are some helpful hints:

To help you create strong passwords that are easy to remember and type, we recommend you use passphrases. Passphrases are nothing more than a sentence or random words. For example, you can use the passphrase:

How cold is today?

Notice how many characters this password has, yet it’s easy to both type and remember.

Hint: The space between words counts as a character.

You can make any password or passphrase even stronger by replacing a letter with a number, such as replacing the letter “o” with the number “0,” using lower and upper case letters, or adding symbols, such as spaces or punctuation. In addition to creating strong passwords, be careful how you use them. Here are some examples to help you create a strong password.

Examples (do not use ANY of these as they are now easy to guess):

Mary had a little lamb change to MaryhadaL1ttl3Lamb!

Create opportunities change to Cre@te0pp0rtunitie3

Make a difference change to M4keaDifferenc3

Important Considerations

Passwords on third party devices and applications will need to be updated.
Learn more about how to update the password(s) by clicking on each of the items below (note all links below require a login):