Electronic Signatures

Saint Mary's College of California uses DocuSign to provide electronic signatures for contracts, agreements, and other documents.


DocuSign usage is reserved for documents that require legally binding electronic signatures and more complex routing schemes (3rd party vendors and cross-department approvals). Does your document need to have a legally binding signature? To be sure please check with General Counsel.

There is a cost for the use of DocuSign. It is important to remember every time an envelope is sent that Saint Mary's College will be charged. Departments are responsible for covering their envelope costs.

Learn more about the SMC DocuSign eSignature process by visiting the links below:

DocuSign Alternatives

There are a couple of alternatives to DocuSign, both of which have no monetary cost however may not be legally binding.

Webform - Turn your document or fillable PDF into a webform. At the end of the webform add a required checkbox for the user to acknowledge that they have read, filled out the form correctly and will adhere to any guidelines proposed. Webforms are not legally binding.  To start your webform submit a web request to Web Services.

Scan a signed document - If you have a document that needs to be signed you could have your user sign it and then ask them to scan or take a photo of the signed document with their phone. This file could then be emailed to your department.