Cable TV


Comcast/Xfinity Digital Starter Package, as shown on the Channel Guide, is provided to residents at no extra charge. Simply connect a TV, Blue Ray or other cable ready device to the cable box in your room.

For all cable TV issues, please call the special Comcast/Xfinity Bulk account directly at: 1-855-307-4896.

If you desire Hi Def and/or Pay-per-View channels, then you must first establish an individual account with Comcast/Xfinity, sign up for the desired premium services and rent a set top box or DVR (for a nominal fee). A billing address and the specific address of the residence hall must be provided to Comcast/Xfinity (see below). The set top box must be picked up at a Comcast Cable walk-in office.  The nearest offices are in Concord and San Ramon.

Residence Hall Addresses:

Residence Hall Street
  Residence Hall Street
Ageno East 216 Mission Rd.   De La Salle 312 De La Salle Dr.
Ageno West 213 Mission Rd.   Freitas Townhouse 332 Alemany Dr.
Ferdinand Ageno 212 Mission Rd.   Guerrieri East 336 Alemany Dr.
Marjorie Ageno 208 San Miguel Dr.   Guerrieri West 340 Alemany Dr.
Michael Ageno 205 San Miguel Dr.   Justin 300 De La Salle Dr.
Aquinas 308 De La Salle Dr.   Mitty 188 De La Salle Dr.
Assumption 125 De La Salle Dr.   More 305 De La Salle Dr.
Augustine 316 De La Salle Dr.   Sabatte Townhouse 324 Alemany Dr.
Becket 301 De La Salle Dr.   Syufy Townhouse 320 Alemany Dr.
Claeys North 201 San Miguel Dr.   Thille Townhouse 328 Alemany Dr.
Claeys South 204 San Miguel Dr.    Brothers' Community  102 De La Salle Dr.


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