Campus Network

The College offers wired and wireless (WiFi) network access to resources licensed specifically for academic or operational use, along with the vast quantity of applications and information available on the internet.

Faculty and staff who use College-owned computing devices at their desk are predominant users of wired ports.  Campus residents also have wired ports readily available, though the convenience and ubiquity of wireless devices has driven widespread use of the campus wireless (WiFi) network in all areas.

Wireless network computing (aka WiFi) is available in classrooms, offices, residence halls, the library, meeting rooms, dining facilities and other indoor locations.  The College hopes to expand WiFi coverage to include all indoor spaces and many outdoor spaces in the coming years.  The wireless network offers mobile computer users most of the computing services available through the wired network, without the restraints of a network cable or the need for a nearby jack.

The following WiFi networks are available for use:

SMC-WiFi - This network is available to all community members, and requires initial authentication on your mobile device using your SMC username and password.  You will also need to accept the certificate.  Once you have logged in, your device will associate with the network every time you bring it to campus until you change your password, bring a new device to campus, make other changes to your account or renew the certificate.

SMC-Guest - If you are on campus and not a member of the SMC community, this limited-bandwidth network is available for your use as our guest.

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Links below will open a "directed search" of our Knowledge Base in TDX. The Knowledge Base contains helpful user guides, forms, policies and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You will be asked to log in with your SMC username and password to access these documents.

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