Strategic Roadmap for IT

The College has developed a list of strategic values that drive development and maintenance of information technology resources and services, and which guide the Technology Planning and Policy Intake and Governance process:

Strategic Values for IT

  1. Red Bullet Invest in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
    (a) Develop a robust digital teaching and learning environment
    (b) Encourage faculty digital literacy
    (c) Seed innovative and/or collaborative EdTech applications
  2. Orange Bullet Look for opportunities to better support our mission with respect to Lasallian collaboration that might be enhanced by information technology
  3. Green Bullet Amplify “Get The Message Out” efforts through increased frequency of and investment in development of the College’s web resources and enterprise applications
  4. Blue Gray Bullet Advance data-enabled, evidence-based decision making
  5. Purple Bullet Infuse operations with information technology applications, practice and/or policy that will increase efficiency and/or reduce risk
  6. Dark Red Bullet Transition the information technology infrastructure fitness program from event to practice


IT Roadmap

Also referenced as the SMC IT Project Portfolio, the Roadmap is best represented according to the College's strategic values for IT as indicators of the strategic intent in each title. The bulleted lists in each tab are categorized to include not just the ideas being considered (Emerging), but also the strategic project work (Strategic) and operational support and maintenance (Tactical and Containment) project work to which the human and material resources of the IT Services development effort are assigned. The colors and numbers in square brackets indicate strategic positioning (where applicable) according to the strategic values above.