Jacqueline's Rec Sports Guide- Edition 001


Hey Gaels! My name is Jacqueline. As a junior here at SMC, I can understand the need we all have to keep active in fun ways outside of our studies. Ever since I can remember, I've been outside participating in sports, which has become incorporated into my college life as well. As a Kinesiology major, I know the basics of how to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle, and as someone who loves to be social I am always looking for a way to incorporate as many people into this fun lifestyle! Since simply going to the gym can start to get boring, I'm here to help you all brainstorm different ways to be active on campus and have a great time while you're doing it. With my Rec Sports Guide to a Fit and Fun College Experience, I can help you blow off some steam from all the stressors of college life and stay healthy and fit throughout the year. Check out my blog weekly for all the new opportunities our school gives us, and try to spot me at the events. Stick with me; I'll take you places!



With all our studying hours finished and essays written, it is time for everyone to relax for this four day weekend of mid term break. With the beautiful weather Mother Nature has awarded us with this late in the year, everybody should be outside soaking up the sun and getting active. Physical activity can offer students one of the best releases from the stresses of school, so it’s time we take advantage of that with all this free time! Whether you find yourself on your way back home or here on campus, there are always options of how to get active! Rec Sports offers students all sorts of activities for the long weekend.

The biggest event is the Mid Term Break Back Country Camping Trip. It’s an outdoor event that lasts from Thursday through Sunday and is only $15! It will get you out there and help you soak up some rays and take in the fresh air, which should be a great break from the library studying time! If outdoor camping isn’t really your forte, don’t worry we have other options! Workout classes are held every Thursday at 7am in Art 105, and indoor soccer games are 8:30pm in Madigan. Pick up games of basketball are held every Thursday in Madigan from 7-8pm, and Sundays from 7-9pm. If participating isn’t something you are interested in, the pool is always an option for these sunny days! Stop by, grab an inner tube, and chat it up with your friends! Lastly, if you like to be a spectator and help cheer your fellow Gaels on, Men’s Lacrosse has a tournament at Santa Clara this Saturday, October 20 at 9am, Men’s Water Polo is held this Sunday, October 21 at Acalanes High School at 3pm, and Men’s Club Soccer versus Cal Poly is also this Sunday at Cal Poly, at 3pm. Be sure to show support for your hard working Gaels!

So take a break from planning your Halloween costumes and enjoy the outdoors! Whichever option you choose to participate in, I hope everyone gets out in the sunshine and makes the most of this four day weekend, since we could all use the downtime. I know that I will be putting all electronics away and spending my days in the fresh air to relax, and I encourage everyone to do the same! I sure hope to see some of you out and about around the Moraga area!


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