Jacqueline's Rec Sports Guide- Edition 003

Hey Gaels! My name is Jacqueline. As a junior here at SMC, I can understand the need we all have to keep active in fun ways outside of our studies. Ever since I can remember, I've been outside participating in sports, which has become incorporated into my college life as well. As a Kinesiology major, I know the basics of how to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle, and as someone who loves to be social I am always looking for a way to incorporate as many people into this fun lifestyle! Since simply going to the gym can start to get boring, I'm here to help you all brainstorm different ways to be active on campus and have a great time while you're doing it. With my Rec Sports Guide to a Fit and Fun College Experience, I can help you blow off some steam from all the stressors of college life and stay healthy and fit throughout the year. Check out my blog weekly for all the new opportunities our school gives us, and try to spot me at the events. Stick with me; I'll take you places!


Hopefully everyone at SMC had a safe and fun Halloween weekend! I’m sure everyone remembered to watch the various sports being played on campus, such as the Lacrosse game against Santa Clara , as well as the boys’ Baseball Halloween costume game. With all the Halloween candy we consumed this weekend, I’m sure along with other things, it’s time to burn it all off in a healthy way! Since many of us still have costumes to fit into this Wednesday to celebrate we should take advantage of everything Rec Sports has to offer us this week! I know I for one will need to hit up one of the fitness classes after all those candy bars…

For those of you who are looking to do something on campus this week, the usual fitness classes are available. On Wednesday there is Trail Running with Sarah at 4pm at the flagpole, Zumba at 7:30pm in Sichel 102, and Volleyball in Madigan from 7:30-9pm. Thursday there are the usual hoops in Madigan from 7-8pm, as well as indoor soccer from 8:30-10pm. If none of these are really your specialty, I highly recommend hiking up to the cross with some friends while we still have some decent weather. It gives the best view over the campus and is sure to leave you out of breath! Bring some water, leave your cell phone at home, and get away for a change.

 As we enter another week into the first semester of the year, I hope everyone is getting in some fitness time! It’s a great way to relieve stress from our busy schedules and will always make your body feel great. I know I also feel much more productive after a good work out. With Halloween on Wednesday, everyone should find time to get active before they go celebrate! All that candy won’t burn itself off… Happy Halloween Saint Mary’s! I hope your trick or treating is filled with fun memories and some yummy treats.

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